current community concerns


Development on Northern

There was a re-zoning case within our community boundaries that was filed last summer with the City of Phoenix.  A developer proposed to change the residential R1-10 zoning (3 homes per acre) to a much higher density zoning of R2-PRD (14 homes per acre) at 110-120 W Northern Ave. which would allow 23 homes. Since last summer, they have also acquired the lot at 130 W Northern.

Through collaboration with the North Central Phoenix Homeowners Association (NCPHA), our community and the development team, they have worked to create a community that will meet the needs of our neighborhood with minimal traffic impact , they have agreed to maintain the R1-10 zoning with a PRD (Proposed Residential Development) designation. 

The updated proposed site plan that includes all three properties will have 18 homes on it, will be gated and have a turning lane. Email us through our "Contact Us" page if you'd like a copy of this plan.


With the bridle path along an arterial street and such a highly used pedestrian walkway, and the reverse lanes pushing traffic onto Central, we are concerned about speeders along Griswold and Butler endangering the safety of our neighborhood.  

Speed trailers will be placed in various locations along Central to remind people to slow down while we discuss next steps to address these speeding issues. 

Verizon Connectivity

Crossroads United Methodist Church has been collaborating with cell service providers to fill a gap in coverage for Verizon customers in our neighborhood. 

An agreement has been reached between the service providers to add Verizon equipment to the existing tower that is located on their property. Completion of that is anticipated to be in the first quarter of 2020.

Murphy's Bridle Path

We have been working with the City of Phoenix to address conditions on the Bridle Path including erosion, tree maintenance, lighting, trash receptacles and expired utility locating whiskers. 

We need you

Please join us at an upcoming Business Meeting (see Events) to discuss these issues and share your great problem solving ideas or send us an email through our contact us page below.  If your style is more casual, join us at a Meet & Greet Mixer and get to know us. Together we are stronger.